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Get To Know The School

Approved by Bar Council of India, School of Law is one of the best Law colleges in India and Punjab. Our students are groomed for bright professional careers by providing wide range of exposure to theoretical as well as practical aspects of law. The school organizes international conferences, visits by nationally acclaimed law practitioners to allow the students gain skills and experience in the field of law. Students get real-time experiences through moot court competitions organized at national and international levels.


Flexible Courses to help you reach Your Dream Career

Training and Placement

We create skilled professionals that are recruit-able much before they graduate

Guardian Angels-Internship Exposure with Police

Students completed their internship with Jalandhar Police Commissionerate and learnt vital aspects about handling of sensitive cases by police. Policing posits host of challenges to the police personnel who have to strike a balance between competing values of individual freedom and establishment of peace. Students were exposed to the saliency of weapon handling, undertaking of patrolling and surveillance tasks, resolving of general law and order issues by police as part of duty.

Students with Mr. Gautam Singhal (ADCP, Jalandhar, Punjab Police)

Students are groomed through internship exposure and individual-oriented mentoring for a bright career in legal arena. Our students have interned in reputed law firms and under High Court judges of different states.

Student receiving Certificate from Sh. Shrawan Dogra Former Advocate General, H.P.

Workshop for Students going for internships is conducted for 7 days to meet with the industry requirements. Pre-Internship interviews and internship drives are regularly held.

Managing Partner, Key Claws Pvt Ltd firm Ms Srivastava giving Certificate to Student

Special career counseling led by industry experts and members of academia is held for students who register for placements to determine their niche area of interest in the legal field.

Innovative Teaching

Challenging the conventional teaching methods with Practice-based Teaching

Problem Solvers with an ear on the Ground

Socio-legal problems like drug abuse, broken relationships, domestic abuse of women and matrimonial strife abound in society. Understanding of such complex socio-legal issues is pertinent for an all round learning experience.

Inspiration comes from all directions

At School of Law, students are exposed to listen and share pearls of wisdom from eminent persons who come from higher judiciary, academia and industry. Notably, Hon’ble Justice Sh.Raj ShekharAttri(Judge, Punjab and Haryana High Court) and Hon’ble Justice AHMD Nawaz(Hon’ble Judge, Court of Appeal, Sri Lanka and Dr.Arti Puri(Eminent Academician) interacted with students through conference, guest lecture and workshop activities.

Special Emphasis laid on Case Law Techniques

Judgments of superior courts in India serve as precedents and constitute an indispensable part of the study of a law. Special emphasis is put on imparting case law techniques involving detailed analysis of a case.

Learning Legal Acumen through Use of Manupatra

Students at School of Law get to acquire legal acumen by utilizing the Manupatra- An ace legal software. It serves as a primary tool in legal research for students and faculty alike.

Moot Court Training to Arm Law Students for facing Legal Challenges

Essential to grooming as a lawyer, moot court skills equip a law student to battle the challenges of the legal world with the help of Moot Court Competitions and Training.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum-Let justice be done though heavens may fall

Winners of 1st Legal Blog Writing Competition-2018 with Trophies

1st Legal Blog Writing Competiton-2018 was held at School of Law and over 55 students enthused with the spirit of writing penned their thoughts on the contemporary socio-legal themes like homosexuality, trial by media and adultery.

Abuzz with activities

Routine lecturing is passé as School of Law integrates the modern day pedagogical tools of interactive and experiential learning to enhance the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students. Mock trials, debates and group discussion activities provide the much desired motivation to students and contribute towards a holistic learning experience on campus.

Learning to give Real-Time Advice at Legal Aid Clinics

At School of Law, we take pride in chiseling young minds by giving them a wholesome learning experience. Students learn the art of giving legal advice through Legal Aid Clinic.

Visit to Court and Police Academy

Students are also taken to courts in the state including High Court at Chandigarh, Supreme Court of India at New Delhi and Police Training Academy to familiarize students with firsthand account of policing and investigation techniques.

Debating and Quiz Club

Quizzing is promoted to boost the competition preparedness of students. Popular events in School of Law include Quiz-o-Mania which is now entering its 8th edition and Debating Club, where students of law wrestle with socio-legal themes.


LPU Campus is Always Abuzz with Competitions, Project Shows, Conferences and lots more!

Soaring High- Taking concrete steps towards Holistic Learning

Always taking a positive step ahead on the learning curve, students of School of Law strike a vibrant note with their achievements beyond campus. Participating in Moot Court and debating competitions is a part of the academic rigour promoted at School of Law. Students gained recognition in Moot Court competitions held in various parts of the country.

Open Imagination
Open Imagination
Open Imagination
Open Imagination

Cerebral Engagement-Guest Lectures at School of Law

Cerebral Engagement-Guest Lectures at School of Law SOL(School of Law),LPU laid couple of bricks to its wall of legal luminaries.Advocate Rajiv Kumar,Advocate-on-Record(Supreme Court of India) spoke at length about procedural law and invigorated the students.Advocate Rajeev Joshi (Punjab and Haryana High Court) interacted with students on the theme of “Insolvency and Bankruptcy”

Chairman of Punjab State Commission for NRIs, inaugurated Eminent Guests’ Lecture Series

Hon’ble Justice (Retd) Rakesh Kumar Garg, Chairman of Punjab State Commission for NRIs inaugurated Eminent Guests’ Lecture Series. Guest lecture aims to orient the students with the nitty-gritty of legal discourse.

National Conference on Cyber Law and IT Protection

National Conference on Cyber Law and IT Protection was organized in November, 2017. Conducting National and International Conferences of repute on regular basis to give an academic boost to students is hallmark of School of Law.

1st Baldev Raj Mittal National Moot Court Competition-March,2018

A novel initiative of School of Law, event presaged a bright future for budding lawyers. Over twenty teams from all over the country participated in this mega event. Students were given an opportunity to polish their mooting skills.