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Accredited by Council of Architecture and Institute of Town Planners India, discipline of Architecture And Design is top ranked institution in India. In an era of smart cities and sustainable buildings, we train our students to become lateral thinkers by fostering a culture of curiosity and innovation. With exposure to an international environment, access to latest tools, software and technology, our students become architects and planners that create infrastructure of global standards.


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Discipline of Architecture and Design exhibits a rich diversity as the academic staff and students come from across the globe. We believe that excellence flourishes in an environment that embraces the broadest range of people, helps them to achieve their full potential, nurture free expression of diverse perspective through respectful discourses and high standards are maintained for students and staff.

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Discipline of Architecture and Design is the gamut of research activities make it a unique academic environment that stimulates creativity and critical thinking, and providing impetus to recruiting, supporting, and developing highly-skilled motivated researchers.


It is matter of great pride and honour for the discipline of Architecture and Design at LPU that it offers world class infrastructural and state of the art global amenities, enabling students to prepare for gen-next technology and with a focus on research and development.