About the University Schools

LPU comprises more than 20 schools that provide 200 plus programs in engineering, technology, management, pharmacy, social science, hotel management having an extra edge in curriculum and facilities with the best staff and faculty.


The School of Agriculture imparts resident instructions in different disciplines for developing human resources in agriculture. Besides, it lays thrust on carrying out research in agriculture and allied fields. The school has well equipped laboratories, library, lecture rooms and excellent farm facility.

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School of Bioengineering and Biosciences

Bioengineering and Biosciences

Until the day arrives when the polar ice-caps stop melting, there will be a place for biotech and till the world is free of all diseases, biotech is indispensable. The belief is that this century is for those who belong to the field of biology and who possess the acumen to apply its findings.

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School of Business


School of Business is one of the first ten institutions in India to be accredited by ACBSP, USA. Known for its teaching excellence, the School offers a wide choice of Management, Commerce & Economics programs upto Doctoral degree. Programmes developed in partnership with the industry, incubation of entrepreneurship projects and emphasis on learning by doing are distinguishing features of the School.

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Civil Engineering

Since beginning of humanity when the first time someone placed a roof over his head or laid a tree trunk to cross a river, Civil Engineering existed. The emphasis is laid on the evolution of man made infrastructure with commitment to create professionals who can build smart cities of tomorrow.

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Computer Applications

Ranked among the top four Computer Applications Institutes of Northern India by NASSCOM. Having learners from all across the country and 15 plus countries around the globe with an experienced team of proficient faculty members committed to create developers and innovators for the next century.

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School of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Is it money? Is it intellectual challenge? Is it captivation of technology? A Computer Science degree can lead to a fulfilling IT career on all three fascinations. If you enjoy creative problem solving, working with people and using computers to help invent the future, then you should consider studying Computer Science and Engineering because you deserve the best.

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Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Smart is the phone, smart would be the cities drawing power from smart grids. Manufacturing plants are being controlled remotely through Internet, thanks to Internet of Things (IoT). Even the video data is now transferred at visible light spectrum through LiFi. Energy saved is energy created, let us design efficient lighting through LEDs and explore renewable energy sources.

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Creating possibilities for your designs to be showcased in the international couture shows In Paris and Milan! Faculty from premier design institutes to sharpen design visualization and execution. Labs and equipment to simulate the industry environment with practical exposure to fashion industry right from design to merchandising. Option of specialization in Design or Technology

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Hotel Management and Tourism

Hospitality and tourism has experienced continued growth and diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. This growth has led to creation of huge opportunities for students.
The School grooms students through intensive service orientated practical, excellent infrastructure, industry endorsed curriculum and faculty with Industry exposure.

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Journalism, Films and Creative Arts

The society has always valued creativity and creative people. Artists, writers, musicians, film makers and designers have been the icons of their respective times whose fame has far outlived their mortal bodies. The School, with its curriculum, skills, technology and exposure to live projects, seeks to harness the creativity and passion to generate work that endures.

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School of LAW


Law, approved by Bar Council of India was established with a view to cater to the requirements of the legal profession. Students across the globe are groomed for bright professional careers by providing wide range of exposure on theoretical as well as practical aspects of law. The School takes pride in its alumni who have made their mark as judicial officers, legal practitioners, corporate advisors and civil sevants

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Arts and Languages

Liberal arts education is a crying need of the global education system. There is an increased focus on technical knowledge and applied sciences while failing to appreciate cultural diversity, global interdependence and inclusive growth. The School exposes to theoretical rigor, field work and research, along with social sensitization through opportunities to interact with and learn from the outside world.

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Architecture and Design

In an era of smart cities, sustainable buildings and contemporary interiors we nourish learners to become lateral thinkers by focusing on critical design approach. To aim for a world, designed with latest creations and innovations by our potential planners, architects, interior and product designers making it a joyous place to dwell.

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School of Education


Education if given rightly is meaningful.
Recognizing the challenges and need of education across the globe, we promote innovation through learner centred pedagogies, skill enhancement outreach activities, mentoring, application based research and access to reach offline and online learning resources to develop insight and imagination among learners

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Mechanical Engineering

Everything in motion, from Wheels of an aircraft to the hard disk of computer to the vibration of mobile phone is being touched upon by Mechanical Engineering, thus making it Omnipresent. Creating professionals who can handle omnipresence of technology and who are capable of moving things efficiently.

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School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ingenuity and aesthetics in science form the essence of drug discovery in our labs. “From laboratory bench to patient bed side” is the ultimate aim for the young minds. Fusion of traditional and modern techniques has resulted in two herbal products already in market.

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School of Chemical Engineering and Physical Sciences

Chemical Engineering and Physical Sciences

Development at any phase is always linked with technology and technology happens when there is an advancement in science. Committed to strive for excellence in teaching, research and thus producing professionals to meet the challenges for the next generation. Developing skills in people to participate in providing solutions for societal problems

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Early engagement in learning and professional development stands a better chance of success. Three year diploma in engineering programme is to akin the need of the society by enlarge. The emphasis is more on practical approach to create a seamless tiers between technicians and Engineers which can support shop floor and field operations.

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School of Physiotherapy and Paramedical Sciences

Physiotherapy and Paramedical Sciences

Correct diagnosis and eventual treatment of the disease are the critical factors in deciding the patient care regimen. The dichotomy of the diagnosis and treatment as well as rehabilitation gets seamlessly integrated when the sciences of physiotherapy and paramedical meet each other. Once the perfect diagnosis is achieved, the treatment and rehabilitation of the patient becomes much more stream-lined.

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Physical Education

The School, apart from preparing physical education teachers, is credited for nurturing sports person with an aim to participate in Asian games and other international competitions. Rigorous academic and sports training is delivered by expert faculty members. Dynamic and vibrant environment attracts rich diversity of national and international students.

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