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Is it money? Is it intellectual challenge? Is it captivation of technology? A Computer Science degree can lead to a fulfilling IT career on all three fascinations. If you enjoy creative problem solving, working with people and using computers to help invent the future, then you should consider studying Computer Science and Engineering because you deserve the best.

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Beyond the classroom
Why choose Us?

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

This approach of personalized learning give students ownership of their education which gives them opportunity of laboratory work in self paced 24X7 mode. 

Why choose Us?

Crafting Entrepreneurs

The learners are offered a wide array of Entrepreneurial workshops and programs designed to give them an opportunity to place entrepreneurship principles into practice as start-ups are in.

Why choose Us?

Project Based Learning

A dynamic approach in which students explore real-world problems and challenges to solve Minor Projects, Live projects and Design Problem challenges.

Why choose Us?

Learn from experts

Expert lectures are conducted in the form of invited talk throughout the year, where industry /academia experts share their wisdom to enhance students learning.

Why choose Us?

Pair Programming

A practice to deliver Programming Languages courses whereby two students work together on a terminal, collaborating on the same design / algorithm, code and test. 

Why choose Us?

Competitive Programming

Students are exposed to higher order problem solving skills by making them part of competitive programming events like Codechef, Hackerrank, Topcoder etc.

Research & Entrepreneurship & Events

Education without enterprise is empty.
Research labs

GDG - Jalandhar

Google Developer Group Jalandhar offers a platform to engage student developers, fresh graduates and professionals through our hack events & meet-ups to create a local ecosystem of programmers.

Research labs


A code club which conduct regular classes where any one can come and increate their programming skills through peer to peer learning sessions.

Research labs


Association Of Computer Engineers, an organization for the students and by the students into Workshops , Seminars , Coding Competition, Lectures Series and harnessing collaborative learning.

Research labs


Android App based on peer­ to peer architecture for smartphone based telephony services ( audio calls, video calls and instant messaging) by leveraging the Wi-Fi network infrastructure of any organization.

Research labs


iOS based application that enable user to collage, draw, gallery, effects and share their images directly on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

Research labs


Through this project the entire university can be visited or viewed sitting anywhere in country or abroad on Google Cardboard

Research labs

Screen Capture

This project allows the speaker to share his screen with any number of audience to nullifies the need of projectors in workshop/lab sessions.

Research labs

Motion & Object Sensor

Recognizing hand gestures by taking input from web camera and using them for controlling cursor movements like left click, right click, selection and movement

Research labs

RemConn – Remote Connection

Controlling the PC remotely through android mobile like hibernate, shutdown, lock, etc. Visual Display of PC in android mobile with just one touch

Research labs

Marvel of the Term

The event, divided into 4 activities :Knowledge Is the Key to Treasure, Exhortation, Faire de l'argent, Election Campaign, was conducted throughout the Term.

Research labs

National Qualifying Exam

Workshop on “Skills to Crack National Qualifying Exam” by Mr. Jitendra Tiwari and Mr. Vaibhav Srivastava.

Research labs


Workshop by Mr. Anup Kalbalia, Tech Lead, CodeChef on the Importance of Competitive Programming Languages like Delphi, C and Java.

Research labs

Plagiarism Checker

This project revolves around two concepts: text extraction and plagiarism checking. This project is intended primarily for three user categories: Teachers, content publishers and documenters.

Research labs

Tank Modelling Game

‘Space Tanks’ is a single player action game that combines the strategic planning of a real-time strategy game with the fast paced combat of an action game. This game is developed in C# using Unity 3D tool, to run on TEGRA, PowerVR, Aderno processors.

Research labs


It is an intra-university classified advertisement application based on Android platform which allows users to post advertisements of selling used products and to post demands of products required.

Research labs

Intelligent Parking System

This project automates the complete process of parking to overcome the limitations of manual parking. In order to implement this project; Image Processing and JAVA are used as backend techniques.

Research labs

MetroFixers (

MetroFixers Private Limited is an online platform for On-Demand Home Services to help customers find service professionals and get problems fixed easily in Metro Cities.

Research labs

Palm Reader

Automatic Palm Reader Using Fuzzy Logic (APR-FL) software employs the ancient palm reading techniques to determine the characteristics and behaviour of a person.

Research labs


Blood Delivery drone system using Hexcopter Y type Drone from one hospital to another in a city to reduce transportation time, cost, and pollution caused by Ambulances.

Research labs

Wireless Bag

A trolley bag, which works with mobile app to move in any direction like forward/backward/left/right, will help to remove a major problem of dragging trolley bag while commuting on foot.

Research labs

Home Automation and Security System

Home Automation and Security System is a project which enables the user to control his appliances through mobile application, webpage, and speech recognition system and is also a game which can be controlled by sensors.

Student Stories & Placement Achievements

Highest Engineering Placements

LPU students of CSE (2017 batch) have proved their mettle by securing 500 placement offers from top companies like Hitachi, Josh, Xerox, CTS, Capgemini, Verizon, Tech Mahindra and others.



The aluminous of the school are currently working with the leading industries of the field such as Apple, Google, Microsoft etc.

Developed Project for U.S.A. Based LAW firm

Sonaxi Mishra and Abhishek Singh developed a live consultancy Law ‎Project for  ‎U.S. based LAW Company-Heriberto Cabrera & Associates and won ‎contract worth thousands of dollars.


Google I/O Conference

Google selected Avinash Mishra, B.Tech CSE student of Lovely Professional University to participate in Google I/O conference in San Francisco (USA). 

BioAsia 2017 Healthcare Challenge

BioAsia 2017 selected "ATS-Ambulance Tracking System" healthcare idea, presented by Aditya and Kripa Shankar Jha, as Top Promising Idea for Transforming Indian Healthcare System.


On Job Training

Kony labs selected LPU students of Computer Science Engineering after completing their 6th semester for on job training at Hyderabad during their 7th and 8th semesters.

Smart India Hackathon 2017

With an aim to build Digital India and to engage youth directly with nation–building, the Ministry of HRD conducted the Smart India Hackathon (the biggest Hackathon in the world), in which 29 Govt. Ministries posted their problems. A team from School of Computer Science & Engineering competed with 1266 teams from across India, and bagged second position in this coveted event.


Our Alumni Love Us!

The feeling is mutual
  • Customer Testimonails

    I am truly overwhelmed and proud to be an alumnus of this wonderful institution.

    Navtej Singh Senior Software Engineer, Apple
  • Customer Testimonails

    Its multidisciplinary and visionary approach to education makes it unique .

    Neha Mahajan System Programmer, YAHOO
  • Customer Testimonails

    I'll always cherish the tremendous support and mentoring received in LPU.

    Apoorv Gupta Software Engineer, Intel Security
  • Customer Testimonails

    LPU gave me the opportunity to find myself and gain that inner confidence.

    Chandeep Singh Arora CRM Consultant, Cognizant
  • Customer Testimonails

    It gave me great values and memories to go back to, when I recall those days.

    Pankaj Bharti Senior Team Lead, Infosys
  • Customer Testimonails

    Best platform to groom yourself academically as well as personally.

    Varun Puri Senior Consultant, Deloitte
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